This 73-Year-Relationship Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

The relationship between 88-year-old Tommy Rossiter and his wife Bessie is by far, the epitome of relationship goals.

The couple met whilst out clubbing in Liverpool, when Tommy was a young 15-year-old lad. As soon as they locked eyes, they knew that was it. On recalling the first time he met his future wife, Tommy said:

“It must have been love at first sight after all these years.”

The couple have three children, eight grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren and have been married for a total of 67 years. Very impressive.

Tommy and Bessie on their wedding day. The couple have now been together for a total of 73 years. (Credit: Tommy Rossiter)

Once retired, Tommy and Bessie lived the dream – travelling on cruises and spending their time dancing the days away. But six years ago they sadly hit a difficult time when, on a holiday to Yorkshire, Bessie experienced an episode of agitation. Tommy took her to visit a doctor the following day and she was diagnosed with dementia.

Naturally, this was a difficult time for Bessie, but it only made their relationship stronger and Tommy has never left her side since.

At one point, Bessie was kept in hospital for six weeks, but Tommy made sure to never let her out his sight – for the entire duration of her stay, he slept on two chairs next to her bed. Sometimes, in a state of disorientation, Bessie calls out for her mother but Tommy is always there to hold her until she falls asleep. Anyone else’s eyes suddenly feeling a tad bit watery…?

Bessie was sadly diagnosed with dementia, but Tommy has being doing everything in his power to take care of his wife. (credit: Tommy Rossiter)

Although Bessie does have carers to look after her, Tommy does much of the work himself – even plaiting her long hair every morning. He admits that it’s a challenge having to take care of his wife, but his dedication to her doesn’t go unnoticed. His daughter, also named Bessie, says “He treats her like a queen. He always has and he always will.”

In offering advice to other couples hoping for a long and happy relationship, Tommy had this to say:

“Share and share alike and don’t have any secrets between each other. Just be together all the while. Wherever we go, we’ll always be together.”

Amazing. Everyone deserves someone like Tommy in their lives.

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