Girl Fingers Herself Before Asking Men To Smell Her ‘New Perfume’, Bringing Internet Pranks To A Whole New Low

A girl in America has brought the world of internet ‘pranks’ to a new low, as she filmed herself fingering herself in a shopping mall toilet, before wandering around asking poor, unsuspecting guys to smell the ‘new perfume’ on her fingers that the store is promoting.

That is f****** disgusting, you’re probably thinking… and yes – you’re 100% correct.

The vile video begins with her doing the deed, before smiling and saying she’s ‘ready to go’. She then finds her first victim, an elderly man who actually (weirdly) describes it as ‘lovely’. Strange…

To be honest, the general reaction from the following men that she asks is that her fingers don’t smell that bad… but did we mention that what she is doing is FUCKING DISGUSTING?!

I mean, as a general rule, when has anyone ever asking you to ‘smell my fingers’ ended well? Have these people no memory of high school?!

I’d just like to point out that if a guy did something like this he would swiftly find himself in jail – but this comes shortly after another video, involving ‘internet prankster’ Sam Pepper, who sparked outrage as he pretended to have a kid’s best friend murdered in front of him.

This promptly caused ISIS-fighting hacker group ‘Anonymous’ to wage war against him, and rightly so – albeit a bit harsh. We’re really not looking forward to whatever these people manage to dream up next.

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