Want To Be Smarter? A Japanese Scientist Suggests You Should Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast

Recently, it was revealed that eating cheese could lead to a longer life, and now we have another reason to stuff our faces with tasty food – ice cream in the morning will apparently make you smarter.

Japanese scientist Yoshihiko Koga, who works as a professor at Tokyo’s Kyorin University, studied the benefits of ice cream and found that it could improve people’s alertness and contribute to general mental performance.

Japanese scientist Yoshihiko Koga has been studying the benefits of eating ice cream for breakfast and discovered that doing so could contribute to people’s alertness and significantly improve mental performance. (Credit: The Cupcake Theory)

Participants in a series of clinical trials that he carried out were asked to consume ice cream straight after waking up, and then carry out a number of mental exercises. In comparison to the control group, those that ate ice cream in the morning were a lot sharper and displayed faster reaction times.

For those sceptics out there who might wonder whether it was just down to the shock from the cold sensation, Koga did carry out the test with cold water and although there was a slight improvement, it was nothing compared to what was seen after subjects consumed the ice cream. Maybe it’s a combination of the sugar and the cold. Or perhaps, people were just willing to try harder after being offered the delicious treat. We know we would…

For those of you wondering if it may have just been the cold which was contributing to mental improvement, apparently it’s not as simple as that. It is more likely that the effect is a combination between the sugar and the cold, although more research is necessary. (Credit: Food Eagle)

However, there is a downside to this discovery – eating sugary ice cream everyday for breakfast is not the healthiest of things to do and could backfire in the long-run.

For now, it’s probably best to just stick to special occasions for morning ice-cream, like birthdays and Christmas day.

Not long now…

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