There’s A New Strange Trend In Coffee-Drinking…

People are forever looking for exciting ways to jazz up their coffees – whether it’s adding pumpkin spiced syrups or creating intricate chocolate powder designs; it seems that those looking for their next caffeine hit simply can’t settle for a standard black coffee.

But, a brand new trend that’s taking Instagram by storm really takes the biscuit… or shall we say, the meringue…

There’s a new trend in town… (Credit: Instagram/da_ra_dat)

Worried that coffees just aren’t photogenic enough as they are, a cafe in Seoul has started topping their coffees with huge white meringues, and yes it looks delicious, but it’s hardly practical. How do the logistics of removing it even work?! Coffee would drip everywhere!

But hey, all worth it for those ‘likes’, and it does double-up as a free snack.

A cafe in Seoul has started serving coffees topped with a huge, perfectly-whipped meringue. (Credit: Instagram/Suahii)

The cafe serving the novel drinks is called Takeout Drawing and they have named the Meringue coffee ‘Paul’s Meringue Factory’. The drink consists of espresso and milk, and is then topped with the perfectly designed meringue. We don’t know who Paul is but he seems to be pleasing a lot of customers.

Takeout Drawing in South Korea is the cafe serving the meringue coffees, which they have named ‘Paul’s Meringue Factory’. (Credit: Instagram/Yun.J.Choi)

Unfortunately, although we expect the trend to rapidly reach us, the drink is currently only available in the cafe in Seoul. If South Korea is a little far to travel just for a few social media ‘likes’, then you can always try making your own at home. Or you could settle for a Nescafe Gold Blend. Much simpler.

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