Sacred Chocolate Nipples Are Launched In Japan

Impressively, Japan has managed to combine Buddhism, chocolate, and boobies to create sacred chocolate nipples. Sounds baffling, right?

Chocolate manufacturer Mme KIKI have created the ‘Choconip’ which will be sold boxed, as a collection of eight different ‘nipples’ ranging from young to old. The chocolates are inspired by the Jison-in Temple in Wakayama Prefecture, which in the past has been a place strictly reserved for only women to worship. Fake nipples are worshipped at the temple as a way of encouraging fertility and successful child-birth.

Worshipping of nipples at the Jison-in Temple in Wakayama is thought to encourage fertility and safe child-birth. (Credit: rocketnews24)

The chocolate nipples which look disconcertingly real, have been designed by Japanese artist Makoto Aido, and his initial designs for the chocolates look like something Leatherface might have drawn up.

Japanese artist Makoto Aido’s early designs for the ‘Choconips’. (Credit: rocketnews24)

Mme KIKI claim that the idea came to them out of the blue when they simple thought ‘why don’t we make chocolate in the shape of young girls’ nipples?’ Are we the only ones that are slightly creeped out by this? Also, it’s hardly a light-bulb moment…

“I think nipples are quite lovely. I thought these chocolates shaped as nipples with extraordinary luck embedded inside should be very sweet,” says creator Makoto Aido. “By mostly using my left and right index fingers I wholeheartedly created eight types of nipples.”

The Choconips in all of their nippley-chocolatey glory are made by designer Makoto Aido and feature all the details of a real nipple. Apart from the fact that they are made of chocolate. (Credit: rocketnews24)

Getting your mitts on a box of chocolate nipples will set you back around $52.50 and will only be available from the Mme KIKI online store. Alternatively, you could always just coat your own chest in chocolate and create homemade Chocolate nipples, although that’s arguably even creepier than the Choconips…

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