Restaurant Launches Deliciously Indulgent Menu Inspired By Stranger Things

London burger bar Lucky Chip has taken advantage of the popularity of Stranger Things and released a menu based on the Netflix series.

The restaurant, which features the menu in its Dalston, Islington and Camden branches has a number of dishes available, all themed around locations and characters from the show. Amongst the food on offer, is ‘The Demogorgon’ – named after the monster in the show – and is a gorgonzola filled beef patty with cheddar, bacon, pickled onions and mac sauce. YUM.

Burger joint Lucky Chip features a menu based On Stranger Things in its Dalston, Islington, and Camden branches. (Credit: Lucky Chip)

There is also the ‘Hopper Whopper’ – named after police chief Hopper, and consists of “upside down in ‘n’ out special sauce”. No details on what that is but we love the name.

You can probably guess which character the ’11 Onion Rings’ are based on. These are beetroot infused onion rings with ghost chilli mayo. In case you’re not aware, ghost chillies are amongst the hottest chillies in the world, so we can imagine eating this is probably scarier than most scenes in Stranger Things.

The ‘Benny’s Burger’ and ‘Benny’s Bacon Burger’ are named after the diner featured in the first episode, and the ‘Eggos Waffle Burger’ is based on the snack which Eleven comes to love in the show. This features waffle, patty, American cheese, peanut butter and jelly… with a hint of chilli.

The ‘Eggos Waffle Burger’ is based on Eleven’s favourite frozen snack and is packed with heaps of heart-attack inducing deliciousness. (Credit: Lucky Chip)

Also available on the menu is the Hawkins High Snack Box – a dish named after the high school in the show. It includes chicken nuggets and gravy, and Dustin’s sausage fries with pickled onions named after the character played by Gaten Matarazzo.

There will be other food served too, but we’ll let you head there and discover it for yourself. The menu was released specially for Halloween, but people are enjoying it so much that the restaurant has decided to keep it for another month.

Also on the menu is a warning which reads “If you have any allergens to food or parallel dimensions please contact your waiter”. Nice touch.

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