There Is A Pizza Themed Camp For Adults And It Looks AMAZING

For all you pizza fans out there (let’s be honest, that’s everyone), your time has come to live out all of your pizza-themed fantasies.

Pizza Camp is a thing, and it is exactly as great as you’d imagine it to be. A one-night pizza-themed sleepover, Pizza Camp offers all of the traditional camp activities you would expect, such as archery and canoeing, with the added bonus of pizza. Lots of Pizza.

Upon your arrival, you’ll be gifted a goodie bag which includes these incredible T-shirts. Credit: Jasmine Scott

After receiving your goodie bag packed with pizza-themed products, you’ll get to partake in a bunch of activities before the real fun begins – an all-you-can-eat pizza dinner. And if you want pizza for breakfast the following day, all of your dream slices shall be supplied for you to eat to your heart’s content. Because you’re an adult and you can do anything you damn well please.

Credit: Katherine Phillips

 All of your dreams will come true with every pizza available under the sun on offer.

However, there is a catch. Pizza Camp takes place in Minneapolis. So if like us, you’re an ocean away, better start saving now. Or you can always just order a Domino’s.

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