Man Uses Cheetos To Try And Burn Down His Ex’s Home

Sure, 31-year-old Sherry Williams may be an extremely dangerous convict, but no one can say that he isn’t creative.

The man, from Massachusetts, has been sentenced to serve a two-and-a-half year jail sentence after he attempted to burn down his ex-girlfriend’s home… with a packet of Cheetos.

A man from Massachusetts has been sentenced after attempting to start a fire in his ex-girlfrend’s home with a packet of Cheetos. (Credit: Tumblr)

The woman was in her home when the incident took place, and after an hour of deliberation, a jury found the man guilty.

The intended victim and her friend both witnessed Williams trying to light the home on fire in five different locations, as well as wedging a propane tank up against the house. He was located with two empty lighters, as well as an empty bag of Cheetos. The Cheetos had been used to start the blaze.

We’re not sure how flammable Cheetos really are, but they would not be our first choice when trying to accelerate a fire (not that we’ve considered it, honest). Still, desperate times do cause for desperate measures.

Sherry Williams’ ex-girlfriend and a friend witnessed him trying to start a fire in five different locations around the home. (Credit: Taunton Gazette)

District Attorney Thomas Quinn said:

“The defendant engaged in outrageous behavior that jeopardized the safety of the intended victim, her friend and first responders.”

Not to mention the fact that the packet of Cheetos definitely did not deserve the involvement.

Williams apparently had a history of making his ex-girlfriend’s life hell, by stalking her, destroying her phone, and damaging her car.

With Williams now in jail, hopefully his girlfriend and other packets of vulnerable Cheetos will be safe from harm.

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