Koreans Trying British Crisps For The First Time Is Both Hilarious And Eye-Opening

Korea offers up a few pretty unusual dishes – everything from acorn jelly to boiled intestines, but one thing they’re definitely not used to eating is Walkers crisps.

Unfamiliar with our popular brand of crisps, a group of Korean vloggers decided to film themselves trying various flavours of the snack, and their reactions are amazing.

A group of Korean bloggers filmed themselves trying Walkers crisps for the first time. (Credit: KoreanBilly/YouTube)

The three friends try out the trademark British Worcester Sauce flavour, as well as Ready Salted, Salt and Vinegar, Prawn Cocktail and Cheese and Onion. Cheese and Onion goes down particularly well, with the girl in the group suggesting that “girls would like it.” No idea what aspect of Cheese and Onion appeals particularly to girls, but fair enough.

Prawn Cocktail, however, isn’t such a popular flavour and according to the taste-testers, “It’s more than the smell of seafood. Smells like pee”. We can’t disagree with that.

The three friends try Prawn Cocktail flavoured crisps, which don’t go down too well… (Credit: KoreanBilly/YouTube)

To sum up their opinion on the rest of the flavours, Ready Salted is “great”, Salt and Vinegar “smells of my dad’s socks”, and Worcester Sauce tastes like “Kimchi fried rice,” a popular Korean rice dish which is made along with other available ingredients, such as vegetables or meat. It might taste similar but we doubt our crisps are quite as healthy.

At the end of the video, the vloggers also give Mr. Porky pork scratchings a taste, and although they seem to enjoy our famous pub snack, the three of them agree that their version is much better. Ahh well, each to their own.

KoreanBilly who produced the video is a popular vlogger, and first reached internet fame with his instructional video on British dialects, which is actually pretty good. Billy clearly knows his British stuff.

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