Mum Left Feeling Distressed After Discovering Potato Letters She Bought Don’t Spell Out Son’s Name

An angry mother has complained to Tesco after finding that a bag of potato letters she bought at her local branch didn’t contain the correct letters to spell out her son’s name.

Nicole Hart was “very disappointed” when she discovered that the bag didn’t include ‘L’ and ‘O’ – the letters required to spell out the name ‘Logan’.

The frustrated mum was sadly forced to improvise, by replacing the ‘L’ with an ‘I’ and the ‘O’ with a ‘C’, but despite her efforts, her son could see right through her feeble attempt to use what letters she had at her disposal.

Nicole posted her experience to Tesco’s Facebook page and made her disappointment very clear.

Mother Nicole Hart was left feeling distressed after discovering a bag of frozen potato letters did not contain the correct letters to spell out her son’s name. (Credit: Nicole Hart/Facebook)

In the post, she writes:

“Morning, last night I opened a brand new bag of your alpha-bites. My son is 4 and learning his letters, I wanted to spell his name (Logan) to my shock there wasn’t any L’s or O’s but a lot of the repeated letters. In the end I improvised by using and ‘i’ as a ‘L’ a ‘C’ as a ‘O’ so spelled ‘icgan’ which obviously wasn’t his name.. he noticed this straight away and I had to explain why. Very disappointed.”

With no potato ‘L’ or ‘O’ available, Logan’s mother was forced to improvise. Her attempts were a failure. (Credit: SWNS)

As Logan is a big fan of the alphabet, his mum thought it would be a nice gesture to buy the Alpha Bites and go through the letters at the dinner table. However, the two were left feeling disillusioned after realising just a fraction of the letters in the English alphabet were available in the bag.

“It is misleading, why would you sell them as alpha-bites, really they should just be called ‘certain letter bites,’ said Nicole.

Tesco has since responded to Nicole’s ordeal, saying:

“I am sorry that you did not have the correct letters in you pack of Tesco potato alphabet letters. I understand that you were disappointed with the range of letters you had. The bags are packed with a random selection of letters, and we don’t state that you will get every letter. I apologise for any disappointment this causes.”

Our thoughts are with you, Nicole.

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