Finally, A Reason To Order Pizza: Eating Cheese Could Lead To A Longer Life

There’s nothing like the guilty pleasure you get from eating a delicious pizza, dripping in stringy cheese.

Well, new research suggests you may not have to feel guilty after all. Nature Medicine – a research journal who publish the latest advances in biomedical research – have been studying the health benefits of cheese and they say that it could be a key to living longer.

Excuse us why why go bulk buy a few tons of  mac ‘n’ cheese.

Slice of pizza margarita
New research suggests that cheese could be one of the keys to longer life… finally. (Credit: Addison Magazine)

The study focused on spermidine, and found that it was this compound that could maintain a healthier lifestyle. When the effects of spermidine were tested on mouse and rats, results showed that they lived longer.

Although, which mouse wouldn’t do their best to live as long as possible after being fed cheese every day?

The study looked at the benefits of spermidine which is found on cheese and discovered that mice and rats that were fed this compound, lived longer. (Credit:

800 Italians were also surveyed about their diet and those who reported an intake of more spermidine than others, had lower blood pressure as well as a lower risk of heart failure.

This is all good news, but bear in mind that cheese is also very high in fat, and that could cancel out the benefits of spermidine… sorry to be the party pooper.

Other food including vegetables such as peas, as well as whole-grains and corn, also contain spermidine and are probably a healthier option.

Whole grains
Unfortunately, although cheese contains spermidine, it is also very high infant. A healthier way to intake spermidine would be to eat whole-grains. (Credit: Mill City Farmers Market)

But hey, at least we now have a legitimate health excuse for choosing cheese on toast over a salad.

Bon appetit.

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