Coca-Cola Have A Strange New Flavour And It’s Dividing Opinions Everywhere

Coca-Cola has clearly learnt nothing from their failed Coca-Cola Blak range, or the Coca-Cola C2 low-carb diet drink that they excitedly released, before rapidly pulling after years of disappointing sales, as they have now released a new strange flavour – Coke infused with ginger.

The limited edition drink is sold featuring the classic red label with a touch of gold. It’s described as having ‘the great Coke taste but with a refreshing ginger twist’, and it’s a twist that we can’t quite get our heads around.

New Coca-Cola ginger features the classic red label but with a classy gold touch too. (Credit: Supplied/Coca-Cola)

The country to be the first to try the brand new beverage is Australia, and we can’t say that we’re particularly jealous.

As expected, people on Twitter are divided and many are just as baffled as us by the odd beverage mash-up.


People on Twitter are confused but intrigued by Coca-Cola’s choice to combine Coke with ginger. (Credit: Twitter)

It is hoped that the new flavour will appeal to the health-conscious, and Coca-Cola South Pacific Group Marketing Manager Marina Rocha said she was excited about unveiling the new flavour in Australia.

‘This Summer our focus is on helping Aussies make those special moments even more enjoyable and the launch of Coca-Cola Ginger is the first step towards this goal,’ she said.

‘We are confident the new flavour will be perfect for our audience, with research revealing that ginger is particularly popular during the Summer months. Introducing Coca-Cola Ginger to market is the ideal way to spearhead our exciting and unexpected Summer campaign that we’re confident will capture the imagination of Australia.’

The new flavour which has already been launched in Australia is designed to appeal to the health-conscious. (Credit: Supplied/Coca-Cola)

The drink has already gained one huge fan who has been praising it on Facebook, saying that she loves ginger and is relishing in the fact that she now gets to enjoy her two favourite drinks simultaneously.

Someone on Facebook was very excited about new Coca-Cola Ginger. (Credit: Facebook)

For her sake, let’s hope that Coke Ginger manages to stick around…

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