Baker Creates Life-Like Dog Cakes That Will Blow You Away

Using a combination of vanilla sponge and fondant icing, Emma Jayne Morris creates the most charming cakes that we’ve ever seen – all designed to resemble breeds of dog.

One of her cakes features two intricately designed British Bulldogs napping on a pillow, which took her two days to complete.

Emma, from South Wales, said:

“I made the British bulldogs after I was asked to make a special dog cake for Cake International magazine. The cake design is actually based on two real dogs named Bear and Duchess who belong to a family member.”

Emma creates realistic-looking dog-cakes, such as this intricately designed one featuring two bulldogs sprawled across a pillow. (Credit: HotSpot Media)

Emma used photos of the dogs from several angles, to get the detail looking just right. She admits that it was a difficult design to produce as the shape is so complicated, but says:

“once I started decorating and adding detail, I really enjoyed myself.”

Emma, who started getting into baking six years ago, described the process she went through to create the breathtaking design:

“I started by making the eyes out of fondant icing and then I made the faces. I used edible coloured dust to build up the colour around their heads before using an airbrush tool to paint the rest of the body. I’ve always had a passion for art, so getting the colour and the decoration right was really fun for me.”

Her dog-cake designs are not just limited to bulldogs. In addition, she has also created life-like cakes of French Bulldogs, Siberian Huskies, a Portuguese water dog, Chihuahua, a King Charles cavalier and a Cavachon.

As well as the bulldogs cake, Emma has created a whole range of dog-themed cakes, such as this one of a King Charles cavalier. (Credit: HotSpot Media)
A close-up of Emma’s Portuguese water dog cake. (Credit: HotSpot Media)
Emma’s beautiful husky cake. (Credit: HotSpot Media)

The first request made to her was for the husky cake, for somebody’s birthday in 2014. Emma receives many positive comments for her creations, which drives her to make even more impressive designs.

We just don’t know how she can bring herself to cut them.

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