8,000 Calorie Sandwich Carries Disclaimer, Ensuring Restaurant Won’t Be sued If Diners Die

This sandwich is the stuff of dreams for some, and the ultimate nightmare for others.

Dubbed ‘Britain’s most fattening sandwich,’ this 8,000 calorie monster is certainly not for everyone. The sandwich is available to buy in The George Pub and Grill in Stockton, North East England, and has four times the recommended number of calories for women, and over three times the amount of calories recommended for a man. Delicious.

This monstrous 8,000 calorie sandwich contains four times the recommended number of calories for women, and over three times the amount of calories recommended for a man. (credit: The George Pub and Grill)

The ‘Parmo kebab’ comes with a hefty price tag of £13.95 but hey, you probably won’t need to eat again for at least another month. The sandwich is made up of two massive slices of breaded chicken, dripping with melted cheese, and of course, is stuffed with kebab meat too.

So epic is this sandwich, that anyone attempting to eat it will first have to sign a form agreeing that the restaurant will not be held responsible in the event of you suffering a heart attack. Although, the restaurant do agree to drive you to A&E if they see signs of your heart failing. Well, that’s comforting.

The Parmo Kebab comes with a form stating that in the event of a heart attack, you are unable to sue. However, the pub will kindly drive you to A&E. (Credit: The George Pub and Grill)

The sandwich has already proved popular with the locals, although we’re expecting them to become extinct pretty soon if they keep consuming this king-sized sarnie.

Bar manager Craig Harker, spoke about the pub’s popular paramo kebab:

‘If anyone has a heart attack after eating the meal we’ll pay for a taxi to the hospital… And if they do pop their clogs whilst eating it, we’ll chip in on the headstone. The dish has gone down very, very well. Looks can be deceiving. For example, here the sandwich looks pretty normal – but it is packed with just so many carbs.’

The sandwich only takes ten minutes to make, but for most, would take a lifetime to eat. This isn’t their only eating challenge, either. The pub also offer a platter for the brave, which includes six sausages, ten onion rings, a burger, and three slabs of steak – amongst a load of other food that looks to be enough to fill an entire Tesco. Our heads are spinning at the mere thought of it.

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