There Is Now a Sex Toy Based On Everyone’s Favourite Emoji

Branded the ’emojibrator,’ a vibrator has been created by a woman called Jamie Jander, and it’s based on one of the most commonly used emojis – the aubergine. For people who aren’t too familiar with the use of emojis, you may be wondering what makes this creation quite so brilliant. With a lack of actual

Has the Loch Ness Monster Made Its Way To Alaska…?

It seems that the waters of the Loch Ness in Scotland aren’t quite cold enough for Nessie – the mythical monster who apparently resides in the river – as she has seemingly decided to move to Alaska. Craig McCaa, who lives in the US state, spotted something moving underneath the icy waters and decided to capture it on

Crab-Like Creature Spotted On Mars In Incredible Video

An alien hunter claims to have spotted life on Mars after believing to have witnessed a crab-like creature eating a bug in an official NASA video of the Mars Curiosity rover. The black and white video shows Curiosity drilling, when a bug looks as if to scurry across the ground, before another animal with

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