Disney’s New AVATAR Theme Park Looks Unbelievable

James Cameron, director of the fantasy film Avatar has previously expressed his desires to experience the world of Pandora first-hand, and now those dreams are one step closer to reality. Disney released a video today detailing plans for a real-world Pandora theme park, located within Disney World, due for completion in 2017. Avatar was released in 2001, but

New Russian Reality Show Will Allow Fighting, Murder, And More

Like a real-life version of the Hunger Games, a new reality game show being launched in Russia will allow anything to take place, and we mean anything – including murder and rape. In ‘Game2: Winter’, 30 participants (who will obviously need to be over 18) will be paying £132,000 to participate in the show and

Astronauts In Space Are Creeped Out By Inexplicable Knocking Sound

In 2003, Astronaut Yang Liwei became the first person sent into space by the Chinese Space programme, and orbited the earth a number of times during the 21-hour mission. In a recent interview with the Chinese media, Yang recalled a strange event which took place onboard the ship. The astronaut remembered hearing odd knocking sounds

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