White Or Blue? This Bag Is the New ‘The Dress’

Unless for some reason you weren’t present here on earth with the rest of us circa February 2015, then you’ll be very much aware of The Dress – a photo of a dress was posted to Tumblr that quickly went viral, gaining 400,000 Tweets within just 12 hours. This humble photo of a dress was

This Baby Has The Most Impressive Hairdo You’ve EVER Seen

At only eight-weeks-old, Junior Cox-Noon already has a head of hair that would give a young Justin Bieber a run for his money. Junior’s hair takes so long to dry naturally, that his mum, Chelsea Noon, has taken to blow drying it. Thanks to Chelsea being a hairdresser, she’s able to style it in quite the impressive

This Is What Happens When You Down A Litre of Vodka

It could be said that drinking has got out of hand in Britain, especially with pictures like this from NYE in Manchester this year doing the rounds. But in the latest viral internet craze, which is being dubbed the ‘Iron Liver Challenge’, we see a 29-year-old man downing a litre of vodka in less

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