Snake On The Loose Freaks Passengers Out On Flight To Mexico

If you’ve ever seen Samuel L. Jackson’s film Snakes on a Plane, you’ll know how terrifying the idea of coming face to face with a snake within the claustrophobic space of an aeroplane would be. For passengers who recently took Aeromexico Flight 230 from Torreon to the Mexican capital Mexico City, it wasn’t simply a plot-line for

The Simpsons Predicted Donald Trump As President 16 Years Ago

A full sixteen years ago, The Simpsons predicted that Donald Trump – reality TV star and notoriously sexist billionaire tycoon – would become the leader of the free world. In the episode ‘Bart to the Future,’ which was broadcast in March 2000, Lisa takes the top job and is shown sitting in the Oval office,

Teenager Opens Bedroom Door, Finds Koala Just Sitting There

What is possibly the most Australian thing to ever happen, a 14-year-old boy sat casually reading in bed when he opened his door and was surprised to come face to face with a rather confused-looking koala. Nicholas Sneath couldn’t quite believe what he was seeing and tried to put the animal outside, but the koala was

Has the Loch Ness Monster Made Its Way To Alaska…?

It seems that the waters of the Loch Ness in Scotland aren’t quite cold enough for Nessie – the mythical monster who apparently resides in the river – as she has seemingly decided to move to Alaska. Craig McCaa, who lives in the US state, spotted something moving underneath the icy waters and decided to capture it on

Dog Loses Her Mind When Owner Dresses As Her Favourite Toy

Admit it – you’ve watched Toy Story and secretly wondered whether toys really are able to come to life. Well, one dog has had this answered for her as she was stunned to witness her favourite cuddly toy come to life before her very eyes. Jolene the dog’s beloved toy is a replica doll of Gumby

These Spooky Stories Written By Kids Will Scare You S***less

Creepy tales of ghosts, monsters, and other mysterious entities have scared children and adults alike for centuries, but nothing will freak you out as much as these stories written by kids, that were read out on The Tonight Show by Jimmy Fallon, Anna Kendrick and John Lithgow, as they sat huddled around a campfire – like

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