Apple “Geniuses” Caught Stealing Customers’ Nude Photos

Ever felt there’s something mildly creepy about the Apple store Geniuses? Those sparkling toothed, blue tee-shirt swaddled worker ants who lurk in your peripheries and pounce like recruiters for a white lanyard worshipping cult? Well, your unease may well have just been vindicated, following an outrageous bust at an Apple store down under (no pun intended). It

Someone Has Invented A $600,000 Wearable Submarine Suit

Michael Lombardi, a National Geographic explorer, has been training for years to complete his first dive in a new, wearable submarine suit. He has already been diving for over 15 years, providing him with invaluable experience in order to make his dive a success. The suit allows its wearer to descend up to 1,000

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