The Simpsons Predicted Donald Trump As President 16 Years Ago

A full sixteen years ago, The Simpsons predicted that Donald Trump – reality TV star and notoriously sexist billionaire tycoon – would become the leader of the free world. In the episode ‘Bart to the Future,’ which was broadcast in March 2000, Lisa takes the top job and is shown sitting in the Oval office,

Melania Trump Has Just Plagiarised ANOTHER speech

When Melania Trump last gave a keynote speech — at July’s Republican National Convention — she became an object of ridicule after it appeared that she’d plagiarised the words of outgoing first lady Michelle Obama. Having just about lived that incident down, Melania took to the stage again last night to make a rallying

Vogue Magazine Has Just Declared That Cleavage Is Over

Boobs are so last year. At least, that’s the view of fashion bible Vogue, which announced in its December edition – released yesterday – that exposed breasts are on the way out. Instead, the modish lawmakers decree, models are now much more interested in showing off their shoulders, stomach or legs. Daring necklines or low-cut

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