There’s A New Word Of The Year, And It Might Depress You

Every year, the Oxford English Dictionary chooses one word which it think best sums up the mood of the day. Last year, the winner was the unusual but jolly ‘crying laughing emoji.’ In 2016, after the most turbulent political and social 12 months in living memory, it was unlikely to be anything so cheerful. So

There Is Now A Quidditch Premier League

Today may just go down in history as one of the greatest days in the history of organised sport – Quidditch has been given its own Premier League. The game, originally invented by JK Rowling in her Harry Potter novels, is played by characters on flying broomsticks who aim to shoot balls through hoops

‘Brain Wifi’ Has Just Cured Paralysed Monkeys

Time for some good news: A cure for paralysis might well be on the way. A special chip that beams instructions out of the brain has just allowed paralysed monkeys to move their legs for the very first time. Rhesus monkeys were paralysed in one leg due to damage spinal cords. But now a team

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