70-Year-Old Woman Uses Spray Paint To Turn Swastikas Into Hearts

70-year-old German woman Irmela Schramm is on a mission to rid the world of hate, and she’s started by spray painting hearts over any swastikas she sees graffitied in the street. Irmela nicknames herself a ‘Polit-Putze’ – ‘a political cleaner’ –  and carries round a can of red spray paint, nail polish remover and a

Daughter Fulfil’s Man’s Dying Wish With The Greatest Obituary EVER

The daughter of a man who passed away from cancer and Motor Neurone disease has made sure to keep her dad’s spirit alive, by creating a brilliantly hilarious obituary. Following instructions from her father Chris Connors, Caitlin wrote a lighthearted message which has caught the public’s imagination and gone globally viral. The obituary, which has the

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