There’s A New Strange Trend In Coffee-Drinking…

People are forever looking for exciting ways to jazz up their coffees – whether it’s adding pumpkin spiced syrups or creating intricate chocolate powder designs; it seems that those looking for their next caffeine hit simply can’t settle for a standard black coffee. But, a brand new trend that’s taking Instagram by storm really takes

Baker Creates Life-Like Dog Cakes That Will Blow You Away

Using a combination of vanilla sponge and fondant icing, Emma Jayne Morris creates the most charming cakes that we’ve ever seen – all designed to resemble breeds of dog. One of her cakes features two intricately designed British Bulldogs napping on a pillow, which took her two days to complete. Emma, from South Wales,

Three-Year-Old Saves Dad’s Life By Feeding Him Yoghurt

A three-year-old boy has saved his dad’s life, thanks to some quick-thinking after he spotted him falling into a diabetic coma. Little Lenny-George noticed his dad falling into the coma and hurriedly worked out a way to help him. After managing to drag a chair over to the fridge, he grabbed two Muller Crunch

There’s Now A Restaurant Serving Stomach-Turning Rat Burgers

It’s been a big year for controversial sandwiches… remember the 8,000 calorie sandwich which carries a disclaimer ensuring people can’t sue the restaurant if they die? Well, now there’s another sandwich which should probably include the same deal, as it’s made from rat. Krasnodar Bistro in Moscow, Russia offers a rat burger on its menu,

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