Peta Just Tricked People Into Drinking Dog Milk…

Peta, the animal protection charity, are known for courting controversy in their fight against animal cruelty. In 2003, the group came under fire when one of their German advertising campaigns likened the battery chicken problem to the Jewish holocaust, while this year they became the subject of intense debate after their animal adoption campaign

Adorable Abandoned Kittens Get Adopted By Pug

Three abandoned two-week-old kittens have found a new parent – in the form of a pug. The kittens were born in a stairwell, and sadly, abandoned by their mum. Thankfully, they were discovered and taken into Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, where they got to meet Peppa the pug. Peppa was also a stray

U.S.-Born Pandas Struggling In China As They Only Know English

Two panda twins born in the United States but currently living in China, are experiencing somewhat of a culture shock as they struggle to adjust to the local food and Chinese language. The three-year-old pandas, Mei Lun and Mei Huan, find it had to understand what is being communicated to them, specifically struggling to

New Study Finds That Pigs Can Be Pessimists

Life is tough, and it turns out that pigs are as aware of this fact as we are. A new study by the University of Lincoln has found that pigs have the capability to both be optimistic and pessimistic about certain things – meaning that they are able to feel the sensation of positivity

Boy Is Saved By Dog After Getting Trapped In Tumble Dryer

Remember when an elderly man was saved by his dog who contacted 911 after he suffered a heart attack? Well, another dog has saved the day yet again. Five-year-old Riley Gedge-Duffy, who has Down’s Syndrome, accidentally got stuck inside a large tumble dryer which automatically started after he crawled inside. It was only thanks to the

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