Adorable Camel Serves As A Guide For Zoo’s Blind Horse

Dolly the horse is sadly blind, but luckily for her, she has an unlikely friend to help her out – in the form of a guide camel named Caesar. Both Dolly and Caesar live at the Pony X-Press – a travelling petting zoo based out of Winslow. There, they do everything together including eating, sleeping,

Airport Introduces Therapy Pig To Greet Travellers

Airports have been utilising therapy dogs for a number of years, as a way of reducing passengers’ stress levels. The idea is that passengers get to pet the dogs and thanks to some canine magic, are instantly relaxed. San Fransisco airport has had therapy dogs since 2013, but now they’ve added a new animal

Clever Birds Caught Manipulating People Into Feeding Them

Workers in New Zealand have been left baffled after repeatedly finding traffic cones pushed into the middle of a road, and no, they don’t think that it’s due to people causing chaos – they’re blaming the local birds. Staff working in the area, suspect that Keas – a type of parrot that’s native to New

Parrot May Be Used As Key Witness In Murder Trial

A woman standing trial for the killing of her husband may have to face a key witness to the crime – a pet parrot. Glenna Durham is suspected to have shot and killed her husband Martin over problems surrounding unpaid bills and gambling debts, and ever since the incident which took place on May

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