Video Of An Elephant Farting On Another Elephant’s Head As An Act Of Revenge Is TOTALLY Worth Watching

Now here’s one special wildlife moment that didn’t make it to BBC’s Planet Earth – footage of an elephant letting rip on another elephant’s head, after getting sick of her friend’s attitude.

filmed at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, Faa Mai the elephant is seen climbing a mound of soil and sitting comfortably on another elephants head, before… well, you’ll see. Make sure you turn up the volume, because you’ll definitely want to experience the full effect of this savage moment.

This is the beautiful moment an elephant took revenge on another elephant – by sitting on her head and farting on it. (Credit:

Apparently, the heartless act was not a spontaneous one – there’s a whole backstory involved. Staff at the park say that Faa Mai loves to climb the small mound of earth, although Kabu the elephant has decided that it is her territory. Each time Faa Mai has attempted to climb it, she gets nudged off by Kabu. Eventually, Faa Mai had had enough of the bullying – there’s enough mound for everyone so why couldn’t she share the space?

Faa Mai can be seen saying “Right, that’s it” in Elephant language, climbing back up the mound and placing herself on Kabu before completely and utterly letting it all out. In fact, if you look closely, you can definitely see Kabu looking defeated.

Is it just us or does Faa Mai also seem to use her trunk to waft it in Kabu’s face?! Legend.

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