This German Shepherd’s Response To A Recorded Wolf Howl Is Incredible!

Dogs and wolves are genetically very similar, so it may come as no surprise to some how this German Shepherd reacts when he hears this recorded wolf howl. Wolves howl to alert other packs of their position, ensuring that other packs don’t accidentally invade their territory. The other packs in the area then howl back, signalling their own position – this is what the dog in the video is doing.

The dog is cocking his head as it allows him to better understand the position of the other wolves, before responding. Did you know that all wolves have their own individual howl, just like humans have their own distinctive voices? This allows other wolves in the pack to find a particular wolf, if it becomes lost.

The wolves will actually stop moving for a determined period of time, howling almost nonstop in the hopes that their comrade will return. When that amount of time passes, a period of mourning begins, but they move on at the same time. Fascinating stuff!


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