Teenager Is Taken To Court For Feeding Chip To A Pigeon

Seems you can’t even carry out a simple, thoughtful gesture towards a poor animal these days.

19-year-old Lauren paige was surprised to be approached in the park by a council worker and slapped with a £25 littering fine after she fed a chip to a pigeon. Despite showing the worker that there was no litter to be seen, as the pigeon had eaten the food, Lauren was still told to pay up.

19-year-old Lauren Paige was stunned to be given a £25 fine after offering a chip to a pigeon. (Credit: SWNS)

Naturally, Lauren refused to pay the money and it has now escalated into a court hearing and a fine of £100.

Lauren spoke of her disbelief at what has happened:

‘I was feeding the seagulls and pigeons some of my lunch when a man who worked for the council came out of nowhere and told me I was littering. He asked for my details because he wanted me to pay a £25 fine. I asked him “are you serious?” I was feeding the birds – and they ate all of the chips… But the fine has escalated and now I’m being hauled into court.

Lauren with the letter asking her to appear before magistrates over her escalating fine. (Credit: SWNS)

Lauren pointed out that there are a lot worse things in the world that people could be worrying about, and her grandad Lance Brewis agrees that to fine Lauren for feeding the birds is absurd:

‘It’s madness. Lauren has never been in trouble in her life and they’re summoning her to court for feeding some birds. This is a complete waste of taxpayers’ money. Anybody with an ounce of sense would realise this is ridiculous. There’s needles and syringes everywhere in parks and they choose to fine a young girl for feeding a bird? What a job’s worth.’

He’s got a point. Sure, pigeons might be considered by many as irritating pests, but to fine someone over a kind deed is a little bit unfair…

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