Teenager Opens Bedroom Door, Finds Koala Just Sitting There

What is possibly the most Australian thing to ever happen, a 14-year-old boy sat casually reading in bed when he opened his door and was surprised to come face to face with a rather confused-looking koala.

Nicholas Sneath couldn’t quite believe what he was seeing and tried to put the animal outside, but the koala was determined to make itself at home.

“I was pretty petrified. I started to shut the door and it ran inside. I backed away to the corner of the room and it started coming toward me so I jumped up on the bed,” Sneath told Daily Mail Australia.

A koala bear made its way into a family home – here he inspects 14-year-old Nicholas Sneath’s bedroom. (Credit: Karena Sneath)

It seems that the lost koala had gained access through the doggie door, and the family was only made aware of the fluffy trespasser’s presence when they heard their dog growling at something. They went to check what was going on and that’s when they found the intruder.

Nicholas’ mother Karena spoke about their reaction:

“My husband looked down the hallway and it was just sitting there. We were laughing and shrieking and screaming all at the same time. We didn’t know if it was dangerous or what was going to happen.”

It was only when they heard their dog growling at something, that they went to check and discovered the intruder. (Credit: Karena Sneath)

The Koala’s visit is no surprise, considering that 80% of koala habitats have been decimated. The little guy probably just wanted somewhere to stay for the night.

In video captured by Nicholas, the koala is seen in the hallway and then the patio, where Nicholas offers it some eucalyptus leaves before it disappears off into the night.

Take care, little guy.

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