Spaniels Who Accidentally Binged On Advocaat End Up Feeling… Ruff

We’ve all been there – you have a little drink and before you know it, you’ve gone way overboard. Spaniels Oscar and Martha know exactly how you feel.

When Fiona and Anthony Robson returned from work one evening, they weren’t expecting to see a tipsy pair of pooches staggering and swaying around the kitchen.

A bottle of Advocaat had apparently been tipped over onto the floor by their third dog – a cocker spaniel called Brecon – but he was absolutely stone cold sober. The lad was probably put off after seeing the affects of alcohol on Oscar and Martha. Some of us could learn from him…

Panicked, Fiona and Anthony rushed the pair to the vet for emergency treatment and luckily they are both now fine, if suffering from a steaming hangover.

Wasted: Oscar and Martha look clearly drunk after binging on a bottle of Advocaat. (credit: Handout)

Fiona, who runs a dog grooming business, said:

“Brecon, who was clearly the ring-leader as he jumps on benches, was absolutely fine. Oscar was standing in the corner of the utility room looking sheepish and drowsy. Martha was staggering and swaying and fell over when I tried to grab her collar. I was panic-stricken as we are so careful with our pets and could never have imagined anything like this happening. I can see the funny side of it – but I won’t be keeping bottles on the top of unit anymore.”

The dogs had to receive induced vomiting, before being fed activated charcoal which absorbed the remaining alcohol.

Brecon looks fresh as a daisy after passing on drinking from the spilt bottle of alcohol. (Credit: Handout)

It’s not the first time the vet has seen a case of drunk dogs in the same month – they had also had to deal with two labradors who smashed a red wine bottle before licking the contents off the floor.

On Oscar and Martha’s state when they came in for emergency treatment, vet Emma Hindson said:

“Brecon was absolutely fine, but the other two were a bit wobbly. After inducing vomiting and giving them charcoal, we kept them in for observation as the main concern is dehydration, but they were fine.”

Now there’s a banging night those two dogs will never forget.

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