Snake On The Loose Freaks Passengers Out On Flight To Mexico

If you’ve ever seen Samuel L. Jackson’s film Snakes on a Plane, you’ll know how terrifying the idea of coming face to face with a snake within the claustrophobic space of an aeroplane would be.

For passengers who recently took Aeromexico Flight 230 from Torreon to the Mexican capital Mexico City, it wasn’t simply a plot-line for a fictional movie – it was all too real.

Fictional movie Snakes on a Plane is about… well, just that. Passengers on a recent flight to Mexico were left in shock as this film became all too real. (Credit:

A video has been released by one of the unlucky passengers – Indalecia Medina Hernandez, a lecturer at the Laguna State Polytechnic University in the Philippines – and it shows a snake squeezing its way out of the back of an overhead compartment. The huge five-foot serpent then suddenly drops and the camera is pulled away – presumably because Hernandez is in shock at what he is witnessing.

A snake was caught on camera squeezing its way out of an overhead compartment, in a real-life scene not too dissimilar from Samuel L. Jackson’s Snakes on a Plane. (Credit: CEN)

Other people onboard who also spotted the snake, were quick to jump out of their seats and inform cabin crew of the unwelcome passenger. Luckily, the pilot was able calm the situation by making a priority landing in Mexico City.

The highly unsettling moment the serpent drops from the overhead compartment. The camera is pulled away as the person who caught the snake on film – Indalecia Medina Hernandez – reacts in shock. (Credit: CEN)

It is not clear whether the snake was venomous or not, but at five-feet long, it’s terrifying either way. Once the plane was on land, animal control turned up and safely captured the animal.

Hernandez called the whole experience ‘unique.’

We call it ‘horrific.’

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