Police Set Up Cameras To Detect Mountain Lions But Witness Something Much Stranger

Police in Kansas, US had been receiving reports of mountain lion sightings in Celebration Park, Gardner, and so decided to set up a number of cameras in an effort to detect them. However, they didn’t quite manage to capture what they’d hoped they would…

Police in Kansas had been receiving reports of mountain lion sightings in a park and decided to set up cameras to capture them. However, the footage showed something a lot more bizarre. (Credit: bloodyelbow.com)

Gardner Police Department set the cameras up around the park for several days, which recorded day and night, but upon inspection of the footage they didn’t see any evidence of mountain lions. Instead, they witnessed a number of other figures including Santa, a gorilla, and some kind of female werewolf.

Lieutenant Lee Krout saw the funny side of what had obviously been a hijack of the project by some pranksters, commenting: “We definitely got some wild life, it was actually very humorous. I mean, it was quite obvious that it was people playing a joke or just having fun.

He added “I would just say thanks. We don’t always get fun things like that to look at and people aren’t always as respectful as they were,” he said. “I guess I would just say thank you. We get your humor and we appreciated it.”

A prankster dressed as a gorilla makes an appearance in front of a camera set up to capture evidence of mountain lions. (Credit: Gardner Police via AP)

People on Facebook seemed to enjoy the joke too. In under 24 hours of the photos appearing online, they had been viewed more than 138,000 times.

Nevertheless, Krout is still convinced that the mountain lion sightings are legitimate.

“It’s not impossible for there to be a mountain lion in this area because there have been reports in the past,” he said.

Have a look as some of the other ‘wildlife’ that the cameras managed to capture…

What’s this then? Some kind of werewolf? A bulldog in a dress? (Credit: Gardner Police via AP)
A granny carrying a pair of ninja swords? (Gardner Police via AP)
A rare sighting of santa. (Gardner Police via AP)
No idea… (Gardner Police via AP)
Two gorillas in battle? (Gardner Police via AP)
Could it be…?! An actual Yeti! (Gardner Police via AP)
Looks legit… (Gardner Police via AP)
A skunk! (Gardner Police via AP)
Almost, but not quite… (Gardner Police via AP)

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