The Loneliest Snail In The World Has Found Its One-In-A-Million

Jeremy the snail has been lonely for a long time, thanks to his rare left-spiralling shell which means he cannot mate with most other snails; but it seems that he has finally found love, as another snail with the same left-aligned anatomy has entered his life.

‘Lefty’ was discovered up a tree in amateur snail scientist, Jade Melton’s, garden.

“I found Lefty before Jeremy was found — so I’ve had Lefty for quite a long time,” says Jade. A member of her choncological society – a group that studies everything snail related – told her about Jeremy and the struggle to find him a mate. Apparently these snails are one-in-a-million, so as soon as Jade found out about Jeremy, she got in contact with the group member right away to let him know of Lefty.

Jeremy and Lefty both have rare left-aligning anatomy which means they cannot mate with most other snails. Thankfully, they have found each other despite one-in-a-million odds. (Credit: University of Nottingham/Angus Davison/Twitter)

Melton is now in charge of both snails and is keeping a close eye on their tank, to see if they decide to mate.

“They’ve not actually psychically mated yet, but they had some flirting encounters last night which was a positive sign,” Melton explains. “They just touch each other gently with their tentacles, their eye stocks, and they will kind of caress each other for a while. It is very sweet, but with snails it’s always a slow process.” how adorable.

The two unique snails have already shown an interest in each other and have even been gently flirting by touching tentacles and caressing. (Credit: @angus_davison/Twitter)

Snails take their time when it comes to foreplay – often teasing each other for an entire night before they decide to go all the way, and snails have a unique way of reproducing…

“They are basically calcified, almost like little darts, little bits of icicles that they fire into one another,” Melton says. “Their sexual organs are on the side of their heads and that’s what they are aiming for.” Yikes.

Lefty has attempted to mate with other garden snails, but because of the different shell shape, the darts always miss.

There are signs that Jeremy and Lefty are falling for each other, so it’s only a matter of time and patience before they decide to have tiny snail babies together.

What a perfect love story.

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