Furious Goat Terrorises Shop Employees And Attacks Pensioner

A goat who appeared to be having a really bad day seemed to snap as it terrorised a store full of people, and forced others to take refuge in a car.

The angry animal kicked off by pressing its face up against the shop window – its eyes can be seen bulging out with fury, and it then went on to attempt an attack on a number of people.

An threatening goat having a bad day attacked a number of shoppers in a store. (Credit: Jonathan Smyth)

Jonathan Smyth, the manager of the store in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland, spoke about the incident:

“It’s just something you didn’t expect. I turned around and there was a goat with his big eyes starring right at me. He held eye contact for about 30 seconds.”

A close-up of the goat, ready to attack anyone in its way. (Credit: Jonathan Smyth)


After creeping Jonathan out with its intense stare, the goat then went on to eat baskets of plants left outside the shop.

A pensioner named Billy who shops at the supermarket was charged by the goat but saved just in time, as Jonathan grabbed him and dragged him out of the way through a door.

Jonathan could see the funny side of the situation after pointing out that “Billy was being attacked by a billy goat!”

Not something you see every day.

Another woman waiting in the car park outside, quickly jumped back into her vehicle after spotting the goat, and members of staff that were arriving for their shift at the shop also sought refuge in the car.

Unperturbed, the goat got on its hind legs and jumped onto the side of the vehicle.

People sought refuge in a car, but the goat tried its best to threaten the passengers. (Credit: Jonathan Smyth)

It was thanks to a brave passer by that the goat’s reign of terror was eventually halted, after he grabbed it by the horns and walked it away.

Fingers crossed this goat is never allowed back onto the streets again.

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