This Footage Of A Spider Being Attacked By Bees Will Leave You Speechless

The moment a spider was attacked by honey bees has been caught on camera, and it certainly gives BBC’s Planet Earth a run for its money.

A beekeeper in Washington, USA, spotted the huge arachnid fighting off swarms of bees and decided to film the entire ordeal.

The spider featured is a semi-aquatic creature, but this eight-legged guy unfortunately decided to settle on top of a hive. Definitely a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Footage of a spider being attacked by a swarm of bees has been shared on YouTube, and Attenborough would be proud. (Credit: YouTube/Zaur Man)

The four-minute video shows the spider crawling atop the hive, before hundreds of bees close in on it. It can be seen struggling to release itself, but the weight of the bees soon becomes too much and they rapidly paralyse it. The sinister buzz can be heard increasing in volume, as they slowly kill the struggling spider.

The video is like something straight out of a horror film. Buzzing from the bees can be heard increasing in sound as they close-in on the spider. (Credit: YouTube/Zaur Man)

The video, which was posted by user Zaur Man and captioned “When a fishing spider gets a bit handsy with a bee colony, things take a deadly turn. Because nature is harsh and cruel,” has received thousands of views and had many viewers squirming, with one commenting “Anyone else listening with headphones and feeling like there are BEES IN THEIR EARS”. Another user comments on how they panicked at the moment when a bee lands on the lens.

Some people thought the video made a great sequel to the family comedy film Bee Movie. Although, judging by the shocked reactions from viewers, we think this one would have to be given an 18 certificate.


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