Dog Loses Her Mind When Owner Dresses As Her Favourite Toy

Admit it – you’ve watched Toy Story and secretly wondered whether toys really are able to come to life.

Well, one dog has had this answered for her as she was stunned to witness her favourite cuddly toy come to life before her very eyes.

Jolene the dog’s beloved toy is a replica doll of Gumby – a claymation character who is big in the US – and her owner, Ben Mesches, decided to give her a special treat by dressing up as the famous green humanoid. Jolene’s reaction is possibly the greatest thing we’ve ever seen.

This is the moment that jolene witnessed her favourite toy come to life – as her owner dressed up as a life-size Gumby doll. (Credit: Ben Mesches)

Ben enters a room dressed as Gumby and we see Jolene casually laying on the carpet, oblivious to what is about to take place. When she clocks the giant version of her toy, she can hardly believe her eyes. The dog slowly raises up and tip-toes towards her owner, before going completely and utterly nuts.

Jolene takes a second to process what she is seeing, before the excitement takes over. (Credit: Ben Mesches)

The video was uploaded to YouTube by Ben, who is from California, and has received over 5 million views, not to mention a ton of shares on social media by people who can’t get enough of the golden retriever’s reaction.

Ben can hardly believe the attention the video has been getting, posting a message on Facebook which simply reads “Lmao we made a viral video.” You certainly did, Ben. You certainly did.

This isn’t the first time that the internet has gone wild for animals and their love for their favourite toys – remember when images of a dog and his beloved doughnut pillow went viral?

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