Dog Is Abandoned At Shelter, Then Sees Family Return To Adopt Different Dog

Are you sitting down? We hope so, because this may very well be the saddest tale of all time.

Two-year-old German Shepherd Zuzu was struggling with grief after her father had passed away. Naturally, she wasn’t the most animated of dogs but unfortunately, her owners couldn’t cope with her sad demeanour and chose to abandon her at the Downey Animal Care Center in California.

dog abandoned
German Shepherd Zuzu was abandoned at an animal care centre when her family couldn’t cope with her grieving after her father had passed away. (Credit: Shelter Me)

The dog slowly settled into the care centre and got back to her happy self. Staff described her as ‘beautiful and loving.’

However, her ordeal was not over. Here’s where it gets really unbearable.

One day, her previous owners turned up at the shelter, and naturally Zuzu was overjoyed to see her family come to pick her up.

A volunteer at the shelter wrote on Facebook that she ‘looked like the happiest dog’ at the prospect of going home, but after taking a look at Zulu, her family kept on walking. Yep. They weren’t there to get the abandoned pooch, they were there to pick up a new one.

We’re guessing you’ve just let out a scream of emotional agony.

Zuzu’s family returned to the shelter, but not to pick her up. (Credit: Shelter Me)


The family had decided that Zulu wasn’t good enough for them, and had chosen to adopt a ‘better’ model; and by the looks of it, rub it in her face at the same time.

The event was captured on camera and if you’ve got enough tissues around, is available below for you to watch.

Thankfully, the story ends on a happy note as Zuzu is set to be re-homed with a loving, caring family. Phew.

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