Confused Dog Tries To Walk In Snow Boots, Ends Up Doing Handstands

We all love a great dog video, and this is one that’s guaranteed to make you smile.

A labradoodle called Daisy who was given tiny snow boots for a walk in -20 Celsius weather was left unable to remember how to walk, and ended up tip-toeing, then resorting to handstands, when she couldn’t get used to her footwear.

Poor Daisy the labradoodle was left forgetting how to walk when she was given tiny snow boots. (Credit: Caters News Agency)

Daisy was heading out into the thick snow of Calgary, Canada, with her owner Stephanie, and to keep her warm, was given the shoes. Although she had worn them the previous year, she still struggled to make her legs function in them – leaving family filming the scene hysterically laughing.

In the footage, Daisy can be seen reluctantly walking down the stairs, before stepping strangely across the snow. Deciding this method isn’t helping her, she then starts doing handstands, and then the laughter increases. Poor Daisy.

Daisy find that tip-toeing isn’t helping her walk in her new shoes and resorts to a much more creative method of transportation. (Credit: Caters News Agency)

Thankfully, it didn’t take the dog long to get used to her ‘new’ feet and she was soon happily marching around in them.

Stephanie says: “We were howling with laughter. The more Daisy walked and balanced on her two front legs, the harder we laughed. She wore dog booties quite often last winter, but this was the first time for this season.  It was so cold that day we brought out the winter gear and, apparently, she had forgotten what the shoes felt like. She was actually walking fine by the time she got to the end of the street, and ended up happily going on an hour-long walk.”

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