Clever Birds Caught Manipulating People Into Feeding Them

Workers in New Zealand have been left baffled after repeatedly finding traffic cones pushed into the middle of a road, and no, they don’t think that it’s due to people causing chaos – they’re blaming the local birds.

Workers in New Zealand have been left confused after repeatedly finding traffic cones pushed into the middle of the road. They are blaming the local birds for the odd behaviour. (Credit: NZTransportAgency/YouTube)

Staff working in the area, suspect that Keas – a type of parrot that’s native to New Zealand and is known for being incredibly intelligent – have in fact been listening out for cars and strategically placing the cones in such a way that drivers will have to stop their cars and, hopefully, feed the birds. Pretty sly if you ask us…

Staff think that Keas – Highly intelligent birds that’s native to New Zealand – have been pushing cones out into the road in hopes that people in cars will stop and feed them. Yeas have been known to solve puzzles in order to access food. (Credit: Department of Conservation)

Some footage of the birds in action has been caught on CCTV video and shows one end of a one-way tunnel, where traffic alternates between either end and stops for a few minutes at a time to change over.

Here, a Kea can be seen carrying a traffic cone into the road to act as an obstacle for drivers. (Credit: NZTransportAgency/YouTube)

Kevin Thompson, road alliance manager for Milford, has said:

‘We think the Kea listen for the cars in the tunnel and move the road cones between the streams of traffic.’

The road is a popular one amongst tourists, where people often stop to take pictures and so is a great opportunity for the birds to get a tasty snack.

Workers are unsure of how to deal with the situation but have considered using heavier cones that the birds are more likely to struggle carrying.

If they’re as clever as they seem, we’re sure they’ll easily find another way to get what they want…

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