Boy Is Saved By Dog After Getting Trapped In Tumble Dryer

Remember when an elderly man was saved by his dog who contacted 911 after he suffered a heart attack? Well, another dog has saved the day yet again.

Five-year-old Riley Gedge-Duffy, who has Down’s Syndrome, accidentally got stuck inside a large tumble dryer which automatically started after he crawled inside. It was only thanks to the family dog, Teddy, that his parents were made aware of the incident.

Five-year-old Riley Gedge-Duffy got stuck inside a tumble dryer which automatically switched on. Thanks to the family dog Teddy, the family was alerted in time to save him. (Credit: PA)

His father Aaron Duffy told the Press Association that his wife was upstairs hoovering when the dog came running over, behaving manically. She knew that something wasn’t right.

‘When she went downstairs she saw our older son watching TV and asked ‘where’s Riley?’ The dog was barking like mad and running backwards and forwards to the tumble dryer but because it was so dark inside, she could not see where Riley was.’ Said Aaron.

By going berserk, Teddy – a 2-year-old cockapoo – made Riley’s mother aware that something wasn’t right. (Credit: PA)

Aaron continued ‘They could hear banging and crashing and could see his iPad going round and round. We suspect he was inside for a couple of minutes. She pulled Riley out and started pouring cold water over him.’

Aaron arrived 40 minutes later, covered Riley in cold water and dialled 999.

He says “It doesn’t bear thinking about what might have happened if the dog had not been there.”

Aaron’s family say that he was probably stuck inside the tumble dryer for a couple of minutes. He suffered bruises and minor burns. (Credit: PA)

Riley is currently receiving treatment in Ulster Hospital, Dundonald and other than the bruising and minor burns, he is well.

Teddy has apparently saved the family from danger before – he recently alerted them to a phone charger which had caught fire.

‘She’s a brilliant dog, it is amazing,’ said Mr Duffy.

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