This Artist Is Turning Facts About Animals Into Heart-Wrenching Cartoons

Did you know that gorillas can catch human colds and other illnesses? Or that deer have no gall bladders? There are a lot of sad animal facts out there, and illustrator Brooke Barker has emphasised this in the most adorable way possible, with these super-sad cartoons…

Never take your eye off an elephant, they may jump when you least expect it.


We have so much in common with this little mouse.


Our hearts just shattered into a million pieces.


We know how you feel, Guinea Pig. We totally know how you feel.


In an interview with Mashable, Barker said:

“I’ve been an animal enthusiast ever since I was the age when all of us were animal enthusiasts, and it’s more fun to tell people about the sad facts, because we’re bombarded with the happy facts when we’re growing up. We’ve all been told cats have nine lives, but that’s not even true, so it’s a lot more interesting that adult cats can’t recognise their mothers, and that their tongues can’t taste sweet things, and that they can get zits. Those are the things I’m interested in drawing.”

Um, we’re going to pass on that actually, turtle.


Don’t we all…?


It’s so sad to think that this poor bird will never get to travel by Virgin Galactic.


It’s a hard life for a slug.


We had no idea that the animal kingdom could be quite so harrowing. Barker shares her facts on her website and is always on the lookout for new facts to share:

“I look for new animal research in newspapers, subscribe to wildlife journals, and visit zoos and taxidermy museums to read the plaques,” said Barker. “There’s also a link on where people can send in animal facts, and I love hearing from people all around the world with sad facts they read.”

This poor fly is a self-conscious eater


Seems some footballers have been learning skills from the Killdeer.


And what are some of Brooke’s favourite facts? According to her, crows never forget a face. If you upset one, not only will he remember you forever, but he’ll describe you to every crow he knows. Barker says that she lives in constant fear that she may have committed some crow faux pas that she didn’t even know existed.

She also says that she loves how snails can regrow their eyes, and that cows produce more milk when listening to R.E.M’s ‘Everybody Hurts’.

Now there’s a fact we definitely didn’t know about.

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