Adorable Camel Serves As A Guide For Zoo’s Blind Horse

Dolly the horse is sadly blind, but luckily for her, she has an unlikely friend to help her out – in the form of a guide camel named Caesar.

Both Dolly and Caesar live at the Pony X-Press – a travelling petting zoo based out of Winslow. There, they do everything together including eating, sleeping, and playing… And they even share their own barn.

Friendship goals or what?!

Dolly the blind horse is lucky to have a friend in Caesar – a camel who guides her around and assists her when needed. (Credit: Inside Edition)

Candis Veilleux, the owner of Pony X-Press noticed that Dolly was going blind a while ago and realised that the horse would need some sort of companion who could offer special assistance.

Horses of Dolly’s breed, Appaloosa, are more likely to go blind than others and owners generally choose to put them down, rather than allow them to suffer the anxiety of blindness. Luckily for Dolly, Caesar stepped in to save the day.

Whilst Dolly’s eyesight was slowly degrading, the camel had just started as a new addition to the farm and was on the lookout for a friend. Perfect timing.

“I checked up on Caesar one day and I saw that his gate was opened. At first, I thought he escaped but once I looked around I was surprised that I saw him with Dolly,” Veilleux said. “They were just hanging out.”

The camel was on the lookout for a new friend, just as Dolly was starting to lose her eyesight. The two quickly created a strong bond. (Credit: Inside Edition)

The camel and horse are now inseparable and have the most remarkable of friendships – when Dolly is asleep and swaying her tale, Caesar will stand in front of her to keep pesky flies away. Lucky girl.

“I have never seen any type of friendship like it,” Veilleux said. “Caesar only follows Dolly and they are inseparable. It’s amazing.”

Veillux has said that she has tried to introduce Caesar to other animals on the farm, but he’s only interested in the horse.

Wow, we all need a friend like Caesar.

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