22-Year-Old Abandoned Cat Finds New Home And Fulfils His Bucket List

22-year-old Tigger the cat got to celebrate his birthday in style – with a little bow tie and a hat, as well as a tasty meat treat. But the ginger cat hasn’t always had such a comfortable life.

Tigger’s former owner dropped him off at an animal hospital in Maryland in 2004, and never returned for him. Although she promised to return in time, she slowly lost contact with the hospital and poor Tigger was left without a home.

Tigger the cat was sadly abandoned by his former owner, but he has finally had an opportunity to enjoy life once more. (Credit: Today.com)

It wasn’t until 2015 that Tigger would find his forever home. Adriene Buisch and her boyfriend, Michael Trentadue, were after a friend for their cat Stuart, and although they were originally looking to get a kitten, they fell in love with Tigger and his story.

“Next thing you know I’m calling the hospital… and heading up there the very next day. We figured we might as well give an old cat a comfy home for his remaining life while seeing how Stuart does with another cat,” said Buisch.

Adriene Buisch and her boyfriend, Michael Trentadue, were originally looking to get a kitten but fell in love with Stuart and his sad story. (Credit: Today.com)

Although Tigger was now able to enjoy being part of a loving family, he was sadly diagnosed with kidney failure, and later on, a tumour was discovered in his belly. Busch and Trentadue had no idea how long Tigger would survive for, so they made sure to make every day a special one.

Tigger now gets to do all of the things he never had the opportunity to do before. The cat gets carried around town in a cosy sling and enjoys walks on the beach, as well as being showered with toys, beds, treats, and more. He’s even become somewhat of a celebrity and has quite the following on Facebook.

Tigger is busy fulfilling his bucket list – which includes long walks on the beach. (Credit: Today.com)

His latest birthday was particularly lavish – he got to enjoy a three-meat dinner with his cat-brother, and after, snuggled up to his parents who smothered him with love.

Busch said: “When you have a cat like Tigger that had a home for 19 years to end up sitting in a cold cage for a year, it was like he was broken when we got him,” she said. “Now we get to watch him enjoy life to the very end.”

We hope that Tigger can relish in every moment with his new loving family.

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