These Guys Freed A Huge Great White Shark In Shallow Waters


When coming upon a 14-foot great white shark in shallow waters, the universal response is to turn to a friend and say, as calmly as possible, “That’s a f*cking white shark, dude. Holy shit.” Dale Pearson and a friend saw a figure struggling in the shallow waters near their homes in Baja California, Mexico.

Spotify Have Offered Obama A Job Now That He’s Leaving The White House


With Obama leaving the White House on January 20th, he’s most likely been thinking about what he will spending his newly-found free time on. He recently joked that he was hoping for a job a Spotify once his duties as the 44th President of the United State were over – a request which the company’s CEO,

Disney’s New AVATAR Theme Park Looks Unbelievable


James Cameron, director of the fantasy film Avatar has previously expressed his desires to experience the world of Pandora first-hand, and now those dreams are one step closer to reality. Disney released a video today detailing plans for a real-world Pandora theme park, located within Disney World, due for completion in 2017. Avatar was released in 2001, but


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